Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Learner disposition

WALT: Write camp goals.
I think that I am a self-direted learner because I always stay on task, I don't get distraced from my learning and I know what my goals are without the teacher telling me.

Time: I finsh all the priorites in the time I am given and I fowllow my timetable 

Choices:  I am ready for the day before the bell rings, I am aware of my blockers and don't let them get in my way.

To be able to move to being a self-agency learner I must sit by people that won't distract me and I would know my goals and say them off the top of my head.

Time: I always know what my tasks are and work towards these independitly and I always finsh the priorites in the time given,.

Choices: I know where to find infomation when I need help. I am always prepeared for the day.

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