Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Buddys show integrity YAY!!!!

WALT: Communicate a message with others.

  • Create a story board showing the beginning, middle and end of our message.I think we only had a beinning and a middle.
  • ●  Use Puppet Pals as a tool to share our message.That part was kind of diffecult but kind of easy.
  • ●  Keep our audience engaged. 

WALT: Show integrity

  • Everyone in our group has contributed evenly. I think every one contributed evenly that part was kind of hard though because someone was being silly so it was hard.
  • ●  Integrity is the main theme of our message. I think we did half and half one part of it was kotahitanga and part of it was integrity.

DESCRIPTION: We have been learning about integrity. We want to share our understanding with others 

1 comment:

  1. If you did your puppet pal would you ensure that you had an end?

    How do you show integrity in and around Poutama?