Monday, 16 June 2014

Writing Sample

WALT:  Inform
Description:Write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.
  • use a range of verbs (evaporate, melt, etc.)
  • use a variety of specific vocabulary (matter, solid, liquid, gas)
  • add significant detail to describe each part (examples, diagram, giff)
  • vary sentence starters
  • organise my ideas into at least 5 paragraphs

Evaluation: I think my sample needs work but other than I think I did well.

Buddy Feed back: Very good explanation Tabitha. Lots of explaining. You can improve on having nicer writing.
- Tane



                                                                    published version.
Newtons Cradle

Do you know what a newtons cradle is?
A newtons cradle is model made by sir Isaac Newton.
He made to help people understand kinetic and potential energy.

For example when you rub your hands together they are getting warmer because you are applying fiction.

Just like when you get bucket of beads and leave a bit hanging out of the side and pull it, if you pull in hard enough it will fall out by it;s self because one side is heaver then the other.

If you get a tennis ball and a basket ball and hold them both up then drop them at the same time you will find that the basket ball will bounce higher and for longer because it has more potential energy.       

1 comment:

  1. Great explaining Tabitha! You have included some great examples and science vocabulary. Well done. Next time you need to 'go back' to your main idea (Newton's Cradle) and tie it up with a sentence that 'brings it all back together'. This is called a summary.