Monday, 10 November 2014

Two girls facing the war

WALT: Entertain
Dad always warns us to never go outside ever and if you do your lifes will be in danger by fireworks and hunters. "Maddy!" Shouted Lucy. "What Lucy" replyed Maddie. "Whens dad coming back?". "Don't know" said Maddie. "Lets cheak if he's outside". "okay" said Lucy. As the girls went outside they got such a shock to see what they have seen. Dead bodies of jewish people everywhere! " They ran back inside and , what they had seen they had never noticed cause they had never come back in through the door or out the door. On the cuboard it said wepons. "Whats that?" Asked lucy. "How would I know, I'm only ten same as you". As Maddie scrambels along the shelves, "Ahh at last, I found what I looking for" "What maddie, what is it?" "A key" replyed Maddie. "What do you mean?" Asked lucy. "The key for the cuboard." Said maddie.." 

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