Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wonderland adventures

WALT: Entertain

Stomp stomp stomp.
 Eva was walking in her garden, "oh look a cave
"what could be in that cave?" says Eva.
 "This might be the cave to my long lost mum and dad!
 "No, it won't be"  I'm never gonna find them I know it!"
 ''What if theres a bear in that cave?''
 I'm willing to take the chance of death to find out what's in that cave." So she slowly walked into the cave step by step by step. And That was her first mistake... crash, the cave entrants and exit slams shut "help! help!"Eva cries.
She slowly steps further into the cave at snails pase.
 Trip, Eva tripped over a stone and grazed her knee. Owwwwwwwwwww, Now she really needed help she said "This has got to be the worst day of  my life or the last I walk into a cave get trapped inside and now my knee was throbbing with pain if only.
''Someone else or somthing else was here I would feel less lonley...

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