Sunday, 8 March 2015

Why do birds have feathers and not fur?

Purpose: Create a story to share orally
Description: Oral storytelling is a Maori tradition. We have been planning our own story to tell on the Marae in Week 7.

          This is my brain storm

                        This is my story board

  here is the link for my movie check it out
Success Criteria:
  • Between 1 and 2 minutes long
  • Using your voice to make sounds effects
  • Using your whole body to make actions
  • Use your face to tell a story through facial expression
  • Knowing the story, knowing the setting
  • Get the picture into your listener’s head
  • Stay in character - keep your composure.
  • Audience participation
  • Unique and original (Hook your audience)

    I think I did pretty well I was good with my crowd participation next time I could work on speaking a bit louder. 


  1. A really cool concept Tabitha. Well done on the presentation. When I saw you practicing I though you were confident and thinking hard about using the success criteria to improve your story each time.

    Ka pai!

  2. Really original story Tabitha. I couldn't guess what was going to happen next. I liked how you engaged the listeners with actions and getting us to participate. You will be able to use this technique when you're telling a story or a speech in the future.