Tuesday, 19 May 2015

CMIYC Defence

WALT: Defensive skills and movements
Success Criteria:
Body Movement
Weight on balls of feet
Feet shoulder width apart
Knees flexed
Concentration and eyes on ball, head and eyes up
Push hard off outside foot and go forwards to attack pass
Quick small feet, stay on balls of feet

Arms within confines of body
Take feet to ball
Land with a SBP

Body angled to see player and ball
Anticipate pass and player movement

Restrictive Marking:
Meet player as they start towards the ball/where they want to go
stay close to the attacking player
Head and eyes up, arms close to body to avoid obstruction/contact
Angle body so attacking player is ‘pushed’ away from where he/she wants to go
0.9m from ball carrier

  • Your video/s should be no more than 30secs long.
  • Capture you demonstrating the Success Criteria- Defense!

Evaluation: I think I did really well with keeping my head and eyes up, and my arms close to my body next time I could try kepping my arms within confines of body.
Feedback/Feedforward: Well done I think you did a really good job because you are  intersepting

1 comment:

  1. You have demonsstrated some fantastic defensive skills Tab. I especially like how you anticipate the pass and spring forward to intercept. I wonder if you had small fast feet with flexed knees that you may be more able to run forward for the intercept.

    Good luck for the rest of the netball season.