Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In maths we have been learning stratigies and to use the best one depending on the Qusetion. We  could use any stratigie we could use Place Value Partioning, Equal Addations, Rounding and Compensating or Reversibility.

Here is a slideshow of all my working out: 

Big Idea: We had to find two or three amounts that answered the question, I used R\C and EA, R\C is plusing or taking one away from one of the numbers to make a tidy number ( A tidy number ends in a zero to make it easier to add to somthing or take away from something) EA is changing the number by adding or taking away but you have to keep it the same on both sides. 

Feedback\feedfoward: you did well I like how you presented it and you need to use more strategies 

Evaluation: Next time I could use more than two stratigies for each question.   

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  1. Tabitha, I was unable to view your video as it says it is private so it makes it very hard for me to see the strategy that you were using for each of the problems. Please fix this up.