Monday, 1 June 2015

Reading Portfolio Task

Description: This term we have been doing tic tac toes, they are activities that we do in between workshops. My tic tac toes are based aroud comprhension, because that is my goal.

This is my tic tac toe for this week

Big idea:
This tic tac toe is called double entry journal text to self.
we  had to realate a book that we are reading or have read to one of our own experiences. I chose a book called Mystic and the midnight ride by Stacy Gregg. I was making text to self connections which is relating a text to a experience of your own, Text to world is relating a text to somthing that is happening in the world, and Text to Text is realating a text from a book to another text form a book. 

Make text to text connections √
Make text to self connections √
Make text to world connections √
Understanding the text as I read it √
Visulising the text as I read it √

Good job tabitha I think you did a good big idea and I can get a big picture in my mind of what it looks like (the image helps to). I think you related the book to you own experisens. Next time you could work on making your description so I have a clearer picture in my mind. -Zara

Evaluation: I think I did well next itme I could write abit tidier so it is easier to read. 

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  1. I think that this post demonstrates your understanding of why your goal is an important tool that readers use. It helps you get deeper into the story and really understand the concepts you are reading about. Good job Tabitha!