Monday, 12 October 2015

Book Bash

Description: This term we are doing book bash we choose our three favourite book out of 11 I chose Esio trot, Petronius and This Land We Call Home, then we got put into groups, my book is Petronas, this is my pre workshop activity

What made you choose this book?
What appeals to you?
What hooked you in?
1: Title 
The title was so thing I had never heard before it as mysterious I wanted to know more I wanted to find out what it meant, it was weird but yet amazing.

2: The blurb: The blurb really hooked me in, it they had thought so out of the box thinking and that hooked me in, I really wished I could start reading today.

3: Cover design: The cover design could have been better as in more pizaz but then it wouldn't have hooked me in because it wouldn't have been the same book.  

My prediction:
I think that the girl is going to get really sick, but then with the care of the wild animals she is fine again.

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