Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Inquiry Term 4

Description: This term we have been doing inquiry every Thursday, we split into our inquiry groups, I am with James we do 3D printing. We design our creations on an app called sketch up then James prints them. I work with Sophie we have made a mug, a paw print keyring, and a dog tag all in 3D.

Our focus for this inquiry is future genurations and how we can benefit the next geniration of R.S.S kids. We are benefitting the next generation by creating objects that that others only dream of making.

Our other focus is out of the box thinking  Sophie and I have been thinking out of the box to make our inquiry have a purpose.

Here is two things we created

11.12.15  Update to this post.
How might your inquiry help you in the future?
I think that it will help the next generation of R.S.S kids because we have gained more knowledge about the 3D printer so it should print things faster.

What made you choose this inquiry? 
I really like the idea of 3D printing it was very futuristic and I thought it would be cool to inspire others to use 3D printers.  

What was your proudest moment in inquiry? Finally being able to print my things after ages and ages of waiting and waiting for my things to print.

How did you achieve your goal?  What skills, support, values did you use?
In the end I was able to print my creation and I learnt how to calabarate the computer. 
I used the skills I already knew about printing and 3D printing to enhance my inquiry time with James  

How will our inquiry groups impact the future? 
The 3D printer could help countries all over the world some people have even made parts for hostipal machines. 

Here is my most reacent printed creation.
It is a tag for my bag I like it because it represents me, I love animals and this was the best way to show that.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Partner Ship Work WK 7

Description:  This week for book bash my partner gave me question's to answer on my blog so here they are.

1. If you could create another character what would it be? another baba

2. What do you think Baba means? Holy 

3. List the  2 things that Baba said was not real in Chapter 11?  The flowers, and the walls.

4. Who's party was it in Chapter 10? The twins

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Partnership work week 6

Description: This week for book bash my partner gave me question's to answer on my blog so here they are.

Why do you think the boy was in a odd mood? Because Petronas was creeping him out and he wanted to leave.

What did they find weird about the city?
It kept changing and getting bigger all the time
What is your prediction next?
 They will leave the city Petronas 

What do you think the bird has to do with this?
I think that the bird owns petronas and it is putting the nomads to sleep so they will leave and also I think that the bird is making the city bigger and I think it feeds on people’s energy.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Petronas Reading Follow Up Week 4

Design 4 questions for your buddy from the Blooms Questions.  Answer your buddies questions on your blog.

We had to answer the questions our buddies gave us

1. In your own words summarise what the main story, about what is happening at the moment?
This new world is giving them the creeps and more and more people are going unconscious 

2. Who are the main characters?
Baba, Tulsi and Quirt 

3. What is a way that Baba could use instead of using the water stick?
Look out for any sign of life including cactus's 

4. Have you been in a situation where you have not been able to find water for a day or two?
No but I would be interested to see what it felt like.