Thursday, 25 February 2016


Description: In class we are learning about listening, we made a 30 second long movie about different type's of listening, the criteria was that we had to show active listening, and busy listening or me to listening.


Big Idea:
We learnt about what sort of listening we should be doing and ones we shouldn't, there is Me To Listening which is when you interrupt the other person and tell them about the time you did something similar, there is Busy Listening which is when somebody insn't paying attention and is to "busy" to listen to your story, and there is Active Listening which is when your full attention is on the person's story, which is what everybody should be doing.

Tabitha you did a great job but you could speak a little bit louder and do some of it inside so it is easier to hear.
-Bella m

Evaluation: I think that I could try to fit in all three type's of listening and make sure all the sound was evenly balanced.

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  1. Tab, you've done really great with your team to create the different types of listening. The evaluation you did and the feedback you've already received is what I would tell you to do as well.