Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Treaty Of Waitangi Portfolio Sample

Description: In class we have been learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi, we watched a video about the treaty of Waitangi then developed questions and discussed them with class mates, next we chose one of our questions and made a circle map to develop anwser's, then we chose how to present our new found knowledge I chose a poster, afterwards we decided what our end product wanted to look like and where on the rubric we wanted to end up, I think we are on Multi because Bella and I were able to include more than three bits of information about the Treaty Of Waitanigi.


Big Idea: 
I am most proud of the end result I am really happy Bella and I completed this inside the time frame.
Next time I would add more deatail and facts
The most challenging thing was Getting it done in the time frame was hard because we only had four school hours to finish.

Feedback\Feedfoward: That is really good I liked how you added the person and how the treaty of Waitangi is really clear and I liked how that you added a lot of detail and I think that you need it bigger so people see it clearer.
- Renae

I think I am on multi because I included more than three pieces of information about the treaty of Waitangi but I didn't connect all of them together but we connected one or two them together next time I would aim for Relational, and I would make a movie and challenge myself.

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  1. Tabitha, well done on completing your poster and adding a good amount of detail to this post, it makes it easy for the reader to follow. Next time think about is a poster the best way to get my information across and where should I be aiming on the matrix?