Thursday, 3 March 2016

My One Word 2016 Portfolio Sample

Description: We set goals for this year using only one word mine is determination I choose this word because I want to be more committed to the leadership rolls that I take part in, I also want to be more determined to sports I do out side of school e.g Taekwondo. This word will help me be more courageous in learning. We wanted to display our words in the classroom so Elly took a photo of us pretending to hold a sign then we measured the length and width of our arms next we practiced writing our one word with the measurements in our writing's notebook then we started our real copy after that we glued our one word onto the picture of us so it looked like we were holding a sign. 


Feedback\Feedforward: Tabitha it is really cool and I love all the coulors and how they all go together but I think you could take a little more care in doing the block letters, but that is all that I can see that you could maybe improve on.
- Bella.M

Evaluation: Thanks Bella I totally agree. 
I think next time I could space my letter's a bit better so they arn't all bunched up, but I think I did well. I think camp will help me be more determined, also being having four leadership roles will help me even more, but it also might be challenging to remember to stay determined. 

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  1. Tab, what a great word to choose. I Love It! I know you already show a lot of determination with the tasks that you complete, but I am looking forward to seeing you put yourself in the Learning Pit and really grinding it out to complete. Your colour choice is bright and bubbly. Next time think about your sizing so you can fit all your letters in better.