Sunday, 6 March 2016

Et Reo Portfolio Post

Description: Every Monday Poutama split is into two groups Kapa Haka and ET Reo I am in ET Reo we have been learning about our Whakapapa\Family Tree and all the Maori terminology for our family members, then we displayed it.


Here is my dad's family

And here is my mum's side of the family

And here is some Maori terminology for you to learn

mama - Mum
 papa - Dad
Tungane - Brother
Tuakana - Sister
Koro - Grandfather
 Kuia- Grandmother 
mama Keke - Aunty
Papa Keke - Uncle
Tama - Boy
Tamahine - Girl

Wow Tabitha you have an awesome family history it would have been good if you could have showed that a bit better but you did an awesome job, for the time frame.
- Sophie

I agree I could have slowed down and made something really cool but I think I did well considering my iPad wasn't working with family echo.

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  1. Wow, your Dad comes from a massive family huh? Great job Tab, next time you could think of adding your cousins or seeing if you could go further than your nana and poppa.