Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bookapedia Term 2 Research Skills

TITLE: skimming and scanning

WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources


A good source:

-has a good reputation, be from a trusted expert

-not ask you for private information or have virus warnings

-contain the keywords/information you are looking for

Skill 2:
TITLE: Summarising

WALT: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective


You wouldn't want to be a....
I would NOT want to be a mammoth hunter because, you would be forced to kill something innocent everyday. I would hate to be scared every day by my job, and chances are that you will die from hypothermia, which is a horrible way to die.

 Skill 3:
TITLE: Notetaking
WALT: Organize our notes to make connections and find gaps

Feedback\Feedforward: Tabitha you have done really well at summarising and you have nearly filled up your tree wich means you have been to lots of different sites to gather this info!Next time you could find lots of different strategies to summarise because it doesn't seem like you did great in the first task.
- Bella M

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback Bella, I think that I have improved my skills at notetaking I have used a range of sites and got the most important parts of the facts, I could improve on finding new strategies to summarise like Bella said.

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  1. Hi Tabitha, this posts provides evidence of the extension research skills you have been developing this term. You have worked hard and had a 'can do' attitude to pushing yourself. Keep striving to seek out multiple sources because you have a more balanced perspective then.