Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Japanese Portfolio Sample

Description: This term the year 6's are learning Japanese with Kelly, (room 5 teacher) every Thursday afternoon, I am really enjoying it and am passionate about Japan, we have learnt how to count to ten in Japanese and how to introduce ourselves.


Tabitha you are great and very fluent you are a quick learning and I can tell you are going to do great things with this there really is nothing I can see that you need to improve on except for practise!

Thanks for the feedback Bella, I think I am doing well, I can now introduce myself count to twenty and write my name in Japanese, and I am also practicing every day, I think I am on the right track to speacking fluent Japanese. 

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  1. Tab, it is so cool to hear about what you do at Japanese. I wish I had that opportunity as a Year 6. Learning another language is hard, but its a great way to stretch a part of your brain that you don't usually use.