Thursday, 19 May 2016

Weather Inquiry Portfolio Sample

Description: This term poutama has been doing inquiry every Friday, Troy's class is doing weather, Elly's class is doing seed2table and Nic's class is doing The Moon, I am in Troy's class, Then we chose what we wanted to focus on, next we chose an experiment, around what we wanted to focus on, I was learning about the seasons and why they change, my experiment was to make dew and frost.
In the can on the left I put water and ice in the can on the right I put salt and Ice, to form dew on the left and frost on the right.

Here is a link if you want to do it at home

I think you did well except you could be a bit more specific on everything you talk about and in the post you could give a reasoning  to why you think seasons are different now compared to before when you knew nothing about it.
- Bella M

Next time I could stir the salty can a bit better, but otherwise I saw dew and frost, so a successful experiment.  

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  1. Tabitha, once again another quality post. You tick all the boxes, the only one I would love you to improve on is the explanation behind the science of fog and dew in real life.