Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E Te Reo Portfolio Sample

Description: Every Monday afternoon poutama splits into two groups half got to Kapa Haka and the other half stay and learn Te Reo Maori with Elly and Troy, I chose to do Te Reo Maori, we have been learning the song Aotearoa by Stan Walker, we have also been learning the names of food at the dinner table I made flash cards to help me learn this.


Here is the song we learnt

Good job Tabitha, you doing really well. Next time you could make a kahoot for others to play and then you can help others learn too.
- Sophie B

Thanks for the feedback Sophie I will work on that next time, I think that I am improving heaps by playing kahoots and playing with my flash cards.

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  1. You guys are AWESOME! I love what you have made. Another quality post Tab! Next time you could have included the link to our attempt at the translation document we did.