Monday, 27 June 2016

Sea Turtle Writing

Description: This term our writing has been around sea turtles, first we watched a video so we could learn about sea turtles then we made a plan, so we knew what we were going to write about, then we started our drafts.


Here is my writing

Sea turtles have been around for 150, 000, 000 every 20 years females lay 1000 eggs on the beach they bury them high up on the beach so that the tide doesn't wash them away, out of 1000 eggs 800 hatch 400 make it to the water the other 400 get killed by crabs and seabirds because they can’t look after themselves, 200 make it to maturing age and 20 lay eggs 2 survive pollution that's a 96% chance of surviving.

Growing up. It’s not easy when you're a sea turtle you have no friends your on your own you die it’s over you didn’t help repopulate another turtle dead.

Babies. As small as the palm of your hand came from the size of a dinner table not fast enough to run away from the deadly predators of the sea, scared and lonely.

Sea turtles must have a hard life, I for sure wouldn’t want to be one.

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