Monday, 27 June 2016


Description: Last week all of troy's whanua class have been doing seed-to-table. We will be doing it for the next 3 weeks. Last week we did minestrone soup with Focaccia  bread and for dessert we had self sauce and pudding.
The next week we had corn fritter and for dessert we had apple crumble
The next week we had spaghetti and meatballs and for dessert we had dutch pear and apple tarts

For science we are trying to figure out away to manipulate plants into growing in winter and we have chose to change one thing in the way they grow. So what we are doing is keeping the pots they grow in the same the place the grow the same how many seeds go in each pot and what type of seeds go in it and lastly we are keeping how much water we pt in there the same. The thing we will be changing is the temperature of the water. I am working with Bella, Zara and Libby

here is our slide...

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