Monday, 20 June 2016

SportsStart Portfolio Sample

Description: Twice a week the teachers take us down to the courts to something called sports start where we learn lots of good skills for playing things like netball and basket ball there are two main games that we play, color rounders and rainbow strike.

Color Rounders:
First you have 4 hula hoops set up in a circle with a ball in each hoop and a bat in one, there are 8 people playing in each game 4 people stand in each hula hoop and the others are fielders they stand in between each hoop. One of the fielder bowls to the person with the bat once they have hit the ball, everybody in the hoop run around in circles until the fielder get the ball, as the people in the hoops run around one person count how many hoops they got, once every body has had a go at batting you switch roles.

Rainbow Strike:
First split into two teams one fielding one batting, (this game must be played on a court with three thirds) one of the fielders bowl and the first one in line on the batting team bats, if it lands in the first third that's 1 point if it lands in the second third that 2 points and if it lands in last third that's 3 points, once everybody has batted switch roles.

One of the games is called gateways and in gateways there are a whole bunch of cones on the court making lots of little gateways and in each gateway there is a type of throwing device.
There could either be a ring or a mini bean bag, once you have thrown the device 10 times back and fourth you switch partners and gateways.


Feedback\Feedforward: great work Tabitha you did really well I love how you have gone really in depth with the description Next time you could work on your ball skills and practise your batting! but other than that well done
 -Bella M

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback Bella I will work on that next time, I think that my skills in batting and catching have improved a lot since we started sports start I think I could work on batting and aiming. 

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  1. Tabitha, once again this a sensational post. You have raised the bar yet again. Your explanation is on point and I love the breakdown. My only suggestion is to include those details as a voice over in your video.