Monday, 4 July 2016

Cloud Writing

Description: This week we have been writing about clouds who named the why were they named, we watched a video then we took notes on a burger plan we then began our draft.


These are all the different cloud types:

Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus why are clouds called that why are they named in the first place who named them, have you ever thought about it wondered? Well if you have read this to find out more.

Luke Howard was a pharmesist but he had a passion for clouds he wanted to be a meteorologist but he was so busy watching the clouds the only class he payed attention in was Latin and because of that he acutely had a good understanding of clouds because he observed them so much he built a understanding.

He found out that clouds have many shapes but few forms such as cirrus which means hair in latin you see Cirrus clouds high in the air on sunny days, Stratus which means layer or sheet wich you can see on alright days in the low section of the sky and lastly Cumulus wich means heap or pile in Latin this is also a low cloud, so there you have it Luke Howard named the clouds that we see in the sky today. 

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