Sunday, 4 September 2016

ET Reo Portfolio Sample 2016

Description: In ET Reo we have been learning about Whakatauki's. A Whakatauki's Is a Maori proverb. A proverb is a meaningful quote to live off and be inspired by. We learnt 2 Whakatauki's. One was He Aha Mea Nui o Te ao? He Tangata He Tangata He Tangata. (What is the most important thing in the word? The people, the people, the people) I am going to be telling you about what we did for that one. So we decided that it was about the people and we are people so we did a self portrait of our selves. And we thought we need to spice up this one wall in the class room so we painted the quote on paper and then stuck our people around it here is a picture of it...


Feedback\Feedforward: Tabitha you have a great finished product and great pronunciation of the proverb. I agree you did need a lot of help drawing but you did as much as you could and most importantly you didn’t give up and as a result of that have a great finished result. 
Bella M

Evaluation: This task was a challenge for me because I have never drawn a person in my life so I needed a lot of help, but I tried my best and strived for excellence. Thanks Bella for helping me draw.

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  1. Tabitha, the quality of your posts is always extremely high. Its great to see honesty in your post and I think you did awesome for your first attempt at drawing a person.