Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk Taking

Description: This term some of the year Six's worked with the teachers from Ashurst school, then came back and taught us what they had learnt, they had been learning about risks, so they taught us about taking risks in our learning, he gave us a sheet of risks and we had to number them from most risky to least risky (9 being the least risky 1 being the most risky) my most risky thing was asking a question that supports my learning. Then we made an action plan we wrote down our risk, the things\resources that we would need to complete the risk and any strategies that would help, here is mine.

These are my risks:
This is my action plan:


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  1. Lots of my teachers told me there are no dumb questions - your way of thinking through a problem might be different to how others see it. I like that you are challenging yourself to ask questions regardless.